"Thank you Mary for doing such a great thing and opening a few eyes!" Adam

"You are a beautiful witness for the sacredness of human life" ~Christine

Mary, O MY GOODNESS! Kids are actually talking about your presentation! They are having conversations, they are wanting information, they are saying they liked you and your message! PRAISE GOD! I was very impressed and I am humbled to know you. Thank you for sharing your story! Please feel free to use me as a recommendation for anyone looking at your speaking AWESOME WORK OF GOD!!!!!!!!! M. H. Campus Minister A.S. High School

"Our Pregnancy Care Center has been struggling over the past few years. We had lost some church sponsors and individuals due to the economic downturn. We desperately needed to reignite interest in our ministry again and prayed fervently over our major fundraising Banquet. I am happy to report that Mary helped us raise TWICE what we have averaged over the last seven years! I have heard so many people say although they were pro-life prior to hearing Mary speak, they now have a new perspective and felt challenged to speak out more and do more for the cause. I would highly recommend Mary Rathke as a speaker for any ministry for life!"`Deborah Williams Rodenhizer, Center Director - Pregnancy Care Center of High Point, North Carolina
​"Mary has a way of sharing her testimony with people, using wisdom, encouragement, and comfort from God's Word. A powerful voice with a loving message. She is inspirational and motivates her listeners to believe in God's power. I look forward to hearing her again!" -Leslie W